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Strengthen Organizations

We see the unprecedented challenges facing our clients today as they seek to secure or maintain leading positions in their industries. New technologies, rapid changes in customer expectations and the entrance of nontraditional competitors are shifting the landscape more rapidly than ever before. At the same time, these changes provide immense opportunities for our clients to create and capture new value if they, and the leaders they depend on, can get ahead of the curve and define winning business strategies that set them apart from the competition.


Each of our consultants has more than 20 years of experience working in, and with, industry-leading corporations who have recognized and successfully adapted to changes in the marketplace. Our organizational services support our clients in ensuring they have a credible plan and the capabilities required to execute on their business strategy.

Transformational Change

Build Confidence and Alignment Around Strategy

We partner closely with the senior management team to inspect the level of confidence in the company’s ability to deliver on their existing business strategy and to prepare for the next wave of change in the industry. This collaborative evaluation reveals significant opportunities to capture more value in the market and to prepare for and mitigate internal execution risks.

Develop Leadership and Management Capabilities

We help our clients identify the cultural, organizational and talent implications of their business strategy, and we support them in building enduring leadership and management capabilities that will produce greater business results. This approach is often done by working collaboratively with the Board of Directors, CEO and Senior Management Team to identify and embed leadership disciplines in the company that are central to the achievement of the company’s strategy.

Create an Agile Culture

We support our clients in deliberately creating a culture that thrives on responding to, and shaping, the external marketplace so the company can play a leading role in its industry as it evolves. 

When To Use

  • Ensure success of a business transformation

  • Critically evaluate and improve current business

  • Rapidly improve leader bench strength

  • Prepare for CEO succession or Leadership Team transition

Our Results

  • Increased shareholder value

  • Increased profitable growth

  • Reduced operating cost

  • Improved bench strength

  • Strengthened culture and engagement

Organizational Services

CEO Succession

  • Board Advisory Service

  • CEO Succession Planning

  • Senior Team Effectiveness

Senior Leader Bench Strength

  • Talent Management Assessment and Design

  • Leadership Assessment Strategy

  • Executive and HiPo Leadership Development Programs

High Performance Culture & Organization

  • Organization Assessment & Design

  • Culture Assessment and Change

  • Leadership Expectations/Competency Models


Case Study

Assimilating new CEO and embed new organization and talent practices.

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