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Case Study:
Organizational Development

Assimilate New CEO and Embed New Organization and Talent Practices

Our client, a $10B+ global industry leader, recruited a new CEO to replace their founding CEO. The company had an exceptional history of innovation, based on moving fast to pioneer new technologies and services in an emerging market that they were creating. The founder was a visionary that set the culture for the company’s growth by identifying and capturing emerging market opportunities by taking bold and progressive actions. This rapid growth also meant frequent and disruptive changes in organization design and leadership positions, as the evolving demands on existing leaders often outpaced their experience and capabilities. Leadership turnover was high, and confusion about the evolving organization and its operating model produced significant internal tension and high operating costs.      

Change Needed
As the marketplace matured and growth settled, the new CEO asked us how his company could create the leadership expectations and talent management practices that would sustain their high levels of performance, while strengthening their culture and reducing leadership turnover.

ELP Solutions

  • ELP collaborated with the new CEO to build the case for change by inspecting the credibility of the strategy and the degree of alignment with the operating model, organization design and leadership capabilities.

  • We helped the company quantify the cost of their existing organization and talent practices with our Talent Management Assessment, revealing nearly $10 million in annual unnecessary costs.  

  • ELP led the senior leadership team through a process to define the Leadership and Management Disciplines needed for the next chapter of the company’s growth.

  • We then created a customized and repeatable Organization and Talent Review Process that enabled the leadership team to improve the operating model, organization design and talent deployment at the highest layers of the company.


  1. ELP supported the Senior Leadership Team in critically inspecting the strategy, operating model, organization design and talent deployment for the company and for each global business unit and function, provoking a series of organizational and talent changes throughout the company. These restructuring and staffing changes drove double-digit cost reductions and significantly improved the quality of talent deployed to accomplish the company’s highest priorities. 

  2. The new Leadership and Management Disciplines were introduced at a Global Summit of the top 100 leaders from around the world, boosting engagement and driving enablement throughout the organization over the following year.

  3. The new Organization and Talent Review process is now an embedded operating routine that cascades upward throughout the company, creating the context for ongoing simplification of the organization design and the continual strengthening of the leadership bench and culture.


Prepare for CEO Succession

Accelerate the readiness
of an internal candidate.


the Executive Team

Prepare the executive team to transform the company.


the Company

Build enduring leadership and organizational capabilities.

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