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Our Approach

Our approach to our work is built entirely around helping leaders to maximize their positive impact on the companies and business units they lead, so they can expand the opportunities for themselves and for others. The following principles ensure we remain focused on the variables most critical to the success of our work with leaders, leadership teams and entire organizations.

Grow the Business

Leaders are charged with creating enduring value for the corporations and business units they lead. However, creating and sustaining that value has become increasingly challenging given the complexity of the global marketplace, the amount of unanticipated changes and the unrelenting pace of that change. It’s easy for leaders to get distracted, adopt superficial approaches that have been expertly marketed or spend their time pursuing actions that will not drive significant value for the business. Thus, we focus on creating greater value in our clients' organizations because we know that greater value equals greater opportunity for the leaders we work with and the corporations they lead.

Do the Work That Leaders Do

We have been advisors to, and leaders in, some of the finest corporations and have worked with countless leaders who have demonstrated the ability to consistently lead changes that create enduring value. At the heart of leadership success is a focus on a disciplined approach to leading.  We help leaders develop and focus on proven leadership disciplines like setting direction, building capabilities and managing execution so that leadership is not the outcome of reactive patterns of behavior, but instead the result of conscious and repeatable choices that deliver consistent results.

Deploy World-class Consultants

Clients rely on us for our expert point of view and our ability to shape the direction of their organizations. Our consultants have been leaders in, and advisors to, some of the world’s most admired corporations. All of our consultants have more than 20 years of experience working in and with industry-leading Fortune 500 corporations. All consultants also have advanced degrees, and many are management psychologists or have doctoral degrees in business. Several have taught, or are presently adjunct faculty, at highly respected universities in our field.

Focus on Development

Like most of our peers in the industry, we too assess leaders for our clients in order to help them make superior selection decisions. Unlike many of our colleagues, however, the majority of our work is done developing leaders, not judging them. It is far more difficult to develop a leader than it is to judge one. We do not have separate assessment consultants and development consultants because we know that the best assessors are those who have worked shoulder to shoulder with leaders striving to lead more effectively in the future.

Create a Career-defining Experience

Whether we are working with an individual leader, a leadership team, or the corporation overall, there are always participants involved with us on a deeply personal and powerful journey in their career. We are sought out for personal and professional advice, and we are engaged in moments of great consequence for the people involved. We take this responsibility very seriously and invest in relationships with our clients that they will remember as turning points in their career.

Deliver Results

All the trust we build and the work we accomplish with our clients will be of little value to them and their shareholders if it doesn’t translate into greater business outcomes for the companies they lead. Thus for our clients, we work to expand the individuals, teams and organizations' capabilities to achieve greater business outcomes that will accomplish our intention of "developing leaders who create enduring value."

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